a gangster radio drama

The Iguana Gang

Four mobsters hired to do a job get more than they bargained for when
they try to steal the world's rarest reptile. In the style of classic radio dramas of the 1940’s we present the most anticipated audio event of the year.


Tony Maciano

The organizer of the heist, 'The Boss' hatches the plans for the caper and keeps the goons in line.
He's also an excellent safe cracker.

the boss
crazy legs


Lucia Flamingo

The girlfriend of 'The Boss' Lucia is known for her beautiful gams that seem to go on for days, and not very bright.


Bobby Bilotti

Bobby is the luckiest goon in the business. He always seems to get out of a fix without a scratch. This guy just can't be killed.

nine lives
the chin


Vinny Scuffo

People assume he gets his nickname due to his ugly mug, but the surly Chin is known for taking one heck of a punch. The legend is he's never been knocked down in a fistfight.


Maria Racaluci

Don't let the pretty face on this dame fool you. Maria is as deadly as the rest, with a tendency toward over-kill when she unloads on her enemies.

two clips


Alfonso Ambramo

Quick with a gun, Alfonso is know for his itchy trigger finger and precise aim. He is quick-witted with a sharp tongue.


The Iguana Gang

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iguana gang


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Captured in the darkest regions of the Amazon Jungle!
The World's Rarest Reptile on display one day only!
Christmas Day December 25, 1939 | Tickets .75¢